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Great hair is the best accessory a woman can wear. Before selecting a hairstylist, always set up a consultation first. Talk to your hairstylist about your budget, needs, and how much time you have to spend when getting groomed in the morning. This will help the hairstylist understand the texture and look of your hair. A good hairstylist will listen to your needs and recommend cuts and treatments that go with your facial features and personality, rather than forcing you to opt for the latest trend or cutting your locks off.

Very dry or damaged hair will benefit greatly by having a specialized treatment applied. These treatments can provide moisture, increase the elasticity of your hair, help prevent split ends to name a few. Is your hair curly or really wavy and you have always wanted beautiful straight hair? You can achieve this as well with specialized treatments and a good home care regimen. When seeing your hairstylist, also ask for recommendations about hair products. A hairstylist can recommend which products which will work best for your hair type. A word of caution – not all haircare products are created equally! It is always recommended that you use professional haircare products when you leave the salon and start working with your hair at home. Why? The less expensive drugstore products typically contain waxes, damaging chemicals, and there are a number of shampoos which can actually remove colour from the hair! Professional salon products are typically a bit more expensive and the reason is due to the ingredients used. Most professional products are also very concentrated so that bottle of shampoo may look small, but you actually get more shampoos from this than a drugstore brand. You will certainly notice a positive difference in your hair! You can find a great selection of professional hair care products at the salon. A good hairstylist will not only help you select a cut and style which brings out the best feature of your face but they also consider the time you spend maintaining your look once you get home. Ask for some instructions about home care and save time in your morning routine! So, finding a good hairstylist, one that fits your individual needs and your pocketbook, is easy. Always go to a salon with a good reputation for quality work, excellent styling and outstanding customer service. Return to main page.





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