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Most people have had a “bad hair day”. It can be the cut that just doesn’t work for you or the disaster story you tell all your friends about. So, how DO you choose a great hairstylist? One of the best ways that is still very much in fashion is “word of mouth”. Ask your friends, co-workers, or family members who they recommend. If you see someone in a store or on the street and you really like their hair then tell them and ask, “Who is your stylist and what’s the name of the salon?” People talk about their hairstyles, their hairstylists, and their experiences with hair. This is one of the best ways to choose the person you want working on your hair!

Social media has changed our lives greatly. One post or tweet regarding your query when searching for a hairstylist or salon in town will give you many options to consider. Be sure to use the right words when searching such as “best salon,” “best hairstylist,” “award-winning,” “popular,” and similar phrases and words. When you find something you like, read the online reviews. Are they well-liked and have great reviews or are you getting the feeling you should avoid this salon and stylist? The look and feel of the salon’s website will tell you a lot about their business. A good hairstylist will always have a bio in the website. The stylist’s personality should come through and will explain a lot to you about their hair styling skills. A modern, fashionable, and innovative hair stylist will always give you something new and up to date with the latest fashion, whereas if you are looking to maintain your hair style and don’t want to change the look you have, you want a hair stylist with experience, skill, and class who can keep you looking classic. So doing a little research on a hairstylist can help you choose the person who will best meet your requirements. Hair is one of the prime features of your personality and the first thing that makes an impression on others. Spending time researching your choices is always recommended. Here at Samson’s Salon and Spa we believe you will find a team of the most experienced, trained, and skilled stylists in Barrie. You can relax and know your hair is in capable hands. Return to main page.





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