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Eyelash extensions are a booming, beauty fashion business here in Barrie. Eyelash extensions thicken your natural lashes and give your eyes a beautiful look. When properly applied by a professional it will give a very natural look and you will feel like you were born with these beautiful thick lashes.

An eyelash extension, once performed, lasts for approximately 2-3 weeks. Once applied, the eyelash extensions last for approximately 2-3 weeks – it varies from person to person. The initial application takes approximately two hours to complete. You then have them maintained every 2 – 3 weeks which takes from 60 to 90 minutes to remove loose lashes and insert brand new. If you choose not to maintain them every 2-3 weeks, they will fall out naturally until they are all gone. This is because each individual eyelash is attached to an individual natural eyelash of the client wearing them. They grow out at the normal time interval of your natural lashes. If you choose not to have them filled and then later decide you want to have them again, you simply start at the beginning with a new, full application. The wearer should not feel any difference when wearing them. There are a few requirements to follow: avoid washing your face, specifically your eyes for a minimum of four hours after the installation. Water will not damage your lash extensions but excessive use (like swimming), might weaken them and they will fall out sooner. Avoid long hot steam baths and sauna’s. Mascara is not required on your lash extensions as they already look lush, dark and beautiful the minute the application is completed! The one thing to be very aware of is the training and experience of the person applying your lashes. An in-experienced, poorly trained installer can cause eye discomfort, eye irritation and rapid loss of installed lashes. Ask if the natural lashes are left intact during an application. Some “high volume” or “mass production” application salons will actually cut your eyelashes to a shorter length to make it easier and faster for the person installing them! (They take a very long time to grow back to normal length if ever cut!!) Always know the background of the person you choose to install and maintain your lash extensions. So, the question is “are they safe?” These are new, individual lashes attached one at a time to your own natural eyelash (never the eye lid or eye itself), they are comfortable to wear and do not create any problems for the wearer. They are not harmful, have no side effects and come with a few precautionary rules to follow. They can be applied to women of any age for an instant “beauty makeover” that will bring many compliments to the wearer! Return to main page.





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