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Eyelash Extensions


  Frequently Asked Questions about Lash Extensions: 

What are Eyelash Extensions?  They are semi-permanent eyelash extensions comprised of individual synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied onto individual eyelashes, one extension at a time, for a natural, elegant look to lengthen and add fullness to your existing lashes.

What are the Lashes made out of?  They are crafted from synthetic polyester. (Synthetic lashes wear better and have the least possible chance of allergic reactions with human skin.

Do they look and feel ‘real’? When professionally applied they look and feel completely real.  Each application is customized to suit the individual.  The overall effect is added curl, thickness and length, opening up the eye for added definition.  They are designed to be indistinguishable in size and weight to human lashes. The lashes weigh about as much as a natural lash: practically nothing. You don’t notice the addition of the extensions to your own lashes and they do not cause your natural lashes to fall out ahead of their natural cycle as other enhancement methods can.

 What are the benefits of wearing Lash Extensions?  Most women choose extensions to lengthen their natural lashes while others want their lashes to look fuller.  A number of women with naturally light colored lashes choose extensions to darken their existing lashes.  Still others love the different, fun looks they can achieve with highlighting and layering lashes (even using different accent colors!)  Lash extensions can create a younger appearance on many clients. Once applied they create the appearance of a brighter, more open and rested eye, thereby creating a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

The main advantage of eyelash extensions is how much time you can save during your beauty regimen.  They allow you to spend less time with makeup, mascara is certainly no longer necessary. Lash extensions look beautiful morning and night, all day, every day.  You can look and feel gorgeous from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.

How long do Lash Extensions last?  The look can be maintained indefinitely with refills.  When properly applied, the extension will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out.  This can be as long as two months or more. Natural eyelashes grow in and fall out in cycles (every 60 to 90 days).  When a mature lash falls out, a new lash has already been growing and quickly replaces it without us noticing the turnover.  This is a constant process. People typically shed between 1 and 5 natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles. With proper care and maintenance, touch-ups are typically only needed once every 2 to 4 weeks to replace the lashes that have shed.

How long does it take?  About two hours for application of a new, full set.  Touch-ups in about and hour and a half or less.  There is no discomfort or pain involved in the procedure.  In fact, most clients find it so relaxing and comfortable that they fall asleep.

I have no lashes at all, can I wear Eyelash Extensions?  Extensions are applied to existing natural lashes so you must have some natural lashes to receive the procedure.  Extensions should not (and in many cases cannot), be applied to clients who have alopecia, are undergoing chemotherapy or those who suffer from Trichotillomania, unless and until the individual has received effective treatment and normal lash growth has resumed.

How much does it cost for an application of Eyelash Extensions?  The major investment consists of the initial full set. This can run anywhere from $85 to $160 or more depending on how many lashes are applied, the skill level of the Lash Stylist and in what part of the country you are located.  Applying the lash extensions is an art form, and just as with hair styling and cutting, it can cost a bit more to have your lashes styled by the best.  Once the initial set has been completed, touch-ups are nominal by beauty industry standards.



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